This house is located on a north facing site,sloping away from the road with great views of the surrounding rural landscape.

A  stone retaining wall  which runs from west to east  was used to divide public front garden space to north from private open space  & rear garden to the south.

Three shallow plan mono pitched roofed  buildings  with north /south axis  and rendered plaster finish are straddled along the length of the  stonewall spine, and create a series of south facing  sheltered courtyards behind the wall.

Each building has a separate function, ie Garage  Block, Entrance Hall &  Bedroom block, Living block contains split Level kitchen ,living dining area, and TV room. Circulation routes are kept to the minimum using open plan space.

The front entrance is defined by a timber Pergola which leads from  the Garage to the front door .The front entrance hall penetrates the stone wall &  provides access to the living & bedroom blocks.

Ground behind the  stone spine wall was excavated to create enough space to play with the levels to exploit views  & volumes of internal spaces.

A simple palette of natural materials was used, sandstone, slate, render, cedar cladding.