Existing Building –Single storey traditional style semi detached cottage.

Extension is  greater than 40 sq.m  which  required Planning Permission.

Design solution by Ian Black was to separate the existing cottage & new extension so that each had a separate identity. The two buildings were connected using a glazed  link  set up on the  circulation axis from front door & continued through the extension as a glass roofed atrium . Courtyard spaces were created each side of the link, which allowed natural light into bedrooms in the new extension in addition to sunlight into the existing cottage .

The  plan form of  the new extension was ‘fish’ shaped in reference to the location . The  curved ‘head’ contains  the open plan  kitchen/dining/family area, the mouth of the ‘fish’ is  the  south facing faceted glass screen  which opens out to patio & south facing garden. The ‘tail’ is the existing cottage , comprises a new living room , and the ‘ spine ‘ is the circulation route  from glazed link to atrium  connecting the head with the tail , new with old.

The palette of materials is stone , slate & hardwood windows in existing cottage , and white render, hardwood windows & zinc roofing to extension.