Existing House -Two storey semi -detached house in a housing estate with rear single storey annexe. Rear garden  overlooked on three sides with no privacy.

Extension – Rear extension under 40 sq.m , containing  master bedroom /ensuite  and new remodelled kitchen /dining /living space.

Design solution  was to create a single storey  rear courtyard extension  , which would push out into the garden and create a more  private courtyard space between house and extension , which was not overlooked by adjacent properties. The courtyard  layout , allowed the master bedroom  & en-suite bathroom to be located in the extension , but isolated from the kitchen dining area, connected  by a glazed link , which also had sliding doors providing access to the patio.

The patio could  also be accessed via sliding doors from the kitchen dining area in the existing house & also the bedroom in the extension. The other advantage of the courtyard  was to allow access to the existing  drainage system which runs parallel with the back of the house. This is a common problem encountered with properties in housing estates, where the developer has located the drainage too close to the rear wall of the house making extension of the existing property  difficult in terms of bridging drains and access to same .

A simple palette of materials was proposed , grey zinc  cladding to extension walls and roof with colour matched aluclad windows & sliding doors , this  gave the extension and renovated annexe a new identity which was different to the existing house.